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Happily Ever Never


Once upon a time, there was a place that had been run for many years by a not-so-nice emperor in a state called The People’s Republic of New York. Now in that state were many citizens who did not have many of the same rights as citizens in other states – which many New Yorkers didn’t really think was fair, but that was beside the point. No one really cared what the citizens thought. For example, the citizens of New York really believed in a thing called The Constitution which had another thing attached to it called the “2nd Amendment” which specifically said that citizens of the United States (which New Yorkers were even though the emperor sometimes forgot that) had the right to “keep and bear arms”. That meant that the citizens of New York (who really were citizens of the United States) should be able to buy a gun (legally) and carry it around.

Alas, it was not to be.

Sadly, the citizens of New York were only “allowed” to “keep arms” (have a gun) if they obeyed many, many rules, paid lots of money, and then were “granted permission” by the State. And even then, getting a gun permit took the citizens three to six long months – if they could get one at all.

In addition and even worse, the citizens of New York were not allowed “to bear arms” (carry a gun) unless they fit into a very small group of people called law enforcement, military (some of), or had a business requiring them to transport gobs of money. You see, most of the citizens were not deemed worthy by the State to have this privilege. But that confused the poor, dumb citizens of New York who really believed that The Constitution was more powerful than the emperor of New York and his helpers who, they could only conclude, had not read The Constitution. Furthermore, the citizens of New York did not think it was fair either that the emperor and his helpers got to “keep and bear arms” themselves – and they weren’t even military, law enforcement, nor did they own any businesses. (Although, the citizens concluded, since they did have gobs of money from taxing other people’s businesses, maybe that’s why they got to “keep and bear arms”.)  The other thing that made the citizens mad was that none of the criminals in New York ever had to get permission to keep or bear arms either.

And so it was that only the criminals and the politicians had all of their 2nd Amendment rights in The People’s Republic of New York.

But the thing that really made the citizens of New York very sad and depressed was that in other states like North Carolina, the citizens there could go and get a pistol permit in just three days which included “conceal and carry” privileges! This meant that the citizens of North Carolina still had their 2nd Amendment rights because they had not been stolen by their leaders. (This made many of the citizens of New York get mad and move there.)

The moral of the story is this: If the citizens of the United States elect a nationwide, liberal emperor who takes over the state of North Carolina and all the other states besides, then all of the U.S. citizens will suffer as have the poor, dumb citizens of The People’s Republic of New York.

And if this happens, no one will live happily ever after. Ever.