Who am I?  I’m a writer and an English teacher and a mom – and all of those things are awesome!  I’m a Christian who loves God and gets to go to a great church where they let me run women’s ministries and play on the worship team. (And to my knowledge they haven’t regretted that so far . . . )  Before I went into teaching, I worked in radio and in advertising, and I’ve always been a writer. From time to time, I’ll probably mention the books I’ve written, am writing or intend to write. (Can you tell that that’s my vision?)

I should mention that I’m not a cheerleader and this site is not the cheer section for the game of life. Not, of course, that I have anything against cheerleaders or their squads. But I know that sometimes sites about “dreams” and “visions” and “destinies” are really only viewed as places to go to find lots of cute pics of furry little kitties shredding someone’s slippers. But not here. Yes, this site is about vision and destiny – but it’s primarily about providing the real-life information, advice, and encouragement designed to help people to fulfill those  visions and destinies. (Okay – crush them.)  Because what’s better than that?  In addition, we’ll offer guidance based on actual experiences – my own and, I hope, yours as well – giving insight into real, proven ways to accomplish the specific goals that result in dreams realized and visions accomplished. Because it’s when dreams and visions are achieved that destinies are fulfilled.

But one more thing is very important to me – and that’s to see you identify, work and accomplish your dreams, visions and ultimately, your purpose in life. You have a destiny and it’s my privilege to help you “make it happen”.

So –  follow us on the Highway – and drive your vision!










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