The Double-Edged Sword


             I’d say “once upon a time,” but it was back before there was time, before the genesis of barren rocks called planets spinning along invisible courses, before flaming stars wheeling across the dark annals of space – before even there was space – but after the Fall. This Fall, of course, was the downfall of the angels, led by one proud and upwardly-ambulant Lucifer, but that is not the matter here. The matter is the establishment of the Laws – and one in particular – decreed somewhere between that Fall and the founding of Creation.

            To be fair, and to acknowledge those who think they were there when all of this mayhem happened, there may have been a universe before the Fall – one utterly and irreversibly ruined by the ambitious rebellion of that Lucifer and his underlings. In fact, according to annals of history and lore and just plain gossip, our current creation may simply be the miserable leftovers of that ruthless war. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But regardless of when our current world was begotten – before or after that infamous Fall –God, in His divine and perpetual wisdom, decreed Laws upon which His creation was to be eternally established.

            Of that I am certain.

            We humans, divinely inspired and intellectually gifted as we believe ourselves to be, are aware of most (many?) of these laws. They encompass mathematics and physics and astrophysics and life sciences, as well as philosophies worldwide – laws regarding behaving and all of that, although, admittedly, we have yet to agree as to which among those creeds is the Absolute. Nevertheless, we do tend toward trouble with the spiritual laws established long before the Fall and before, perhaps, even the creation of the angels themselves. We have trouble, in particular, with the idea of words.  

            Words, as we humans know them to be, are means of communication – whether for good or for evil – and that is the end of it. Words, as far as we are concerned, hold no further purpose. Nevertheless, the scientists among us have discovered that words are comprised of things called “sound waves”. Now, these sound waves are formidable, echoing endlessly throughout the universe, ringing across galaxies, through the very matter which comprises them and, more probably then potentially, are eternal in nature. In fact, rumor has it that these sound waves – the very ones which comprise words – have never had any recorded ending. Our very own godlike telescopes have never trekked the end of a sound wave. These waves hurl toward earth from who knows where, are recorded by our scopes, and then streak on by, uncontained, into eternity. We have only some vague idea of where they came from and even less idea where they go. In addition, scientists have conceded that, while able to be recorded, sound waves are otherwise invisible.

            And that’s all we know about them.

            Nevertheless, these sound waves are the building blocks upon which God chose to establish His laws. Astonishingly, according to Biblical account, words were the sole instruments of creation.

The words “Light be!” triggered a blinding eruption of radiant color – yellow, orange, red, violet, blue and then white – the spectrum exploding throughout the frozen darkness, exposing the nothingness that was, and glittering with fire and heat and light.

           Afterward, there came to be many laws, many of those laws of creation contingent upon sound waves and words, but there was one word more commanding, more authoritative, more fused with potential for possibility and creation than any other word ever uttered by man.


           “If” is a scepter extended by kings who reign in power and dominion, and once decreed, is the authority to turn a desire or a fear to a reality.

           “What if I could get that job (or go back to school or write that song)?”

           “What if I tried to forgive that person (or start that ministry or build that house)?”

           “What if I could….?”

           Alas, the word is, as so many other things turn out to be, also endowed with the potential for destruction and mayhem and despair more than any other word has ever been.

            “What if I lose my job (or my friends or my reputation)?”

            “What if something happens to my child (or my parents or my spouse)?”

            “What if I get cancer (or heart disease or Alzheimers)?”

            “What if I fail….?”

             Job said, “’For what I fear comes upon me, And what I dread befalls me’” (vs. 3:25). What Job discovered  millennia ago was that it is one thing to fear a thing and another to speak that fear; that which Job spoke into the spiritual realm came upon him.

            “If” is a sound wave of power in the spirit, a double-edged sword which, once wielded, launches creative power into the spiritual world – for all eternity.

            Use it well.





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